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Might one respectfully suggest that Linkers with Au research institution
and doing-well private sector connections support such green investment?


Geodynamics commits $5 million to advancing geothermal technology
Geodynamics is pleased to announce that the Company has committed
$5 million over a five year period to accelerate the development of
geothermal technology.  

The concept is now proven and it is timely to start refining the 
The funding is the basis of the Geothermal Technology Plan (GTP) and
is designed to leverage private and public sector funding and rapidly
progress geothermal technology development requirements.  
Commencing in 2009, the GTP will provide funds for programs to advance
technology in conjunction with Australian and  international  research
institutions, as well  as through global geothermal bodies.  
Geodynamics has identified a number of Australian and international
institutions that are recognised leaders in particular areas and it is
currently working with these institutions to frame the detailed plans for
the various projects. 

Determining appropriate institutional alliances and projects 

The developments will provide direct benefit to the Cooper Basin Project,
and also to the broader geothermal industry in Australia and globally.

For this reason, Geodynamics expects the projects to be co-funded. 
The scale and quality of the Cooper Basin geothermal resource is such
that it will continue to be developed for many decades ahead. It is also
clear that there is a need to continually improve and to maximise the
value from the Cooper Basin. 
It is important that Geodynamics starts to strengthen its longer-term
technology relationships and to work with institutions to help build the
capability that the Company needs. 

Geodynamics is pleased to contribute funds towards developing the
geothermal technology landscape, but is acutely aware of the need to
obtain the maximum value for its shareholders from any funds committed. 

GTP – An important and necessary development 

For further information please check our website (www.geodynamics.com.au)
or contact Mr Gerry Grove-White or Mr Paul Frederiks on + 61 7 3721 7500. 



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Stephen Loosley
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