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> On Thu, Apr 23, 2009, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> > The other one that has come into its own is wikipedia. I know it's
> > not seen as the be all and end all, but it's pretty darn good. It 
> > grew even faster, I think. You can find out the most obscure 
> > information there and links to source material and references.
> It is also a fascinating insight into human self-organisation 
> and the issues that creep up with such.
> Don't just view Wikipedia as a source of information - view 
> it as a micro (midi-)cosm of human interaction.
> Adrian
> (Who is proud some of his code makes Wikipedia function as 
> well as it does today..)

It is unfortunate that of all the internet resources that could be used
by politicians - Wikipedia appears to be the onw that gets the most
attention - read - Politicians personal entries on Wikipedia get the
most attention.

I wonder if how much is allocated annually for politicians to have their
wiki pages watched for changes and then changed back to the "true"
And - at what point will the number of internet subscribers out-number
the number of public servants so engaged to correct the relevent pages?

Wiki is almost a referendum tool for the history of the world.

In fact - referendum is a good title for all social media.

VC's consider that any technology that is disruptive is worthwhile
(usually) investing in - providing the developers have a monetisation

If we consider that social media - i.e.: direct peer to peer and peer to
many peers is in fact a disruptive technology;
And that VC's have financed much of the development of the Internet;
And that wiki is a record of the disruptive technology as it happens

Does that mean that 

A) Wiki is an abstract manifesto for revolution ? 
B) Or a natural technological evolution of a massive groundswell push
against the media and the "official truth"?
C) VC's are all a member of the other side of whichever side the
Government are on ?

References for the the thinking behind this were drawn from Political
Ponerology - "A Science on the nature of evil adjusted for political

A review of which can be found here --> http://tinyurl.com/d358x6
Or in full - here--> 

Adrian, all I can say is that you helped create a monster, albeit a good


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