[LINK] Patent proceeds to fund new CSIRO research

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>> Patent proceeds to fund new CSIRO research
>> http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/04/22/2549678.htm
>> The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation
>> (CSIRO) will use the money won from a Wi-Fi technology patent battle
>> to fund further research.
>> Legal action in the United States between the CSIRO and a number of
>> global computing giants came to an end today, with the last of 14
>> companies opting for confidential settlements with the scientific
>> agency.
> This is good. Now if there was someway of convincing china to pay a
> royalty on all the 802.11/// that they were churning out - the entire
> country (Australia) could retire.

Well all the scientists.  The fact is that most of the units are made  
under contract to another company and sold somewhere outside of  
China.  If they are sold in the US or by a US company or a US branch  
of a non-US company they'll have to pay the royalty.  Within China, no  
probably not.  Maybe not in the EU yet either (what about  
Australia?).  If you push China they'll patent something of their own  
or force internal wifi to their own standard for which importers will  
have to pay a patent.  They do know how to play the patent game.

> Total IT production in china now exceeds 35 million units per month,  
> of
> which wi-fi components are a large component.
> Unless China starts to license technology - it will be left out in the
> cold as soon as ACTA is passed into legislation.

It has been left out, as have most of the developing world and the up  
and coming economies China, India, Brazil and Mexico.  That was the  
point wasn't it?


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