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>Will get back on the list if I find anything that indicates a proper study.

as promised:

The Department website does publish their criteria. they call it a 
Technical Testing Framework:
This document is worth reading. They are trying to determine way too 
much with way too small samples, me thinks. Plus, this is the 
framework. What will actually be tested is 'negotiated' with the 
chosen ISPs. Hopefully those results will be made public. And if they 
aren't, then the industry should press for it.

Table of Contents
1.  Introduction
2.  The Pilot
3.  Network Performance
4.  Accuracy
5.  Circumvention
6.  User experience of filtering (including privacy/security issues)
7.  Costs associated with introducing ISP filtering
8.  Scalability
9.  Effectiveness of additional filter functionalities

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