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Actually, Im not convinced about the swine flu thingy.
We had a dry run at this a couple of years ago - it was called the Bird

The only people it affected were Newspapers (they sold a lot) and
pharmaceutical companies that made Tammyflu and Relenza (they sold

There's a fairly in depth discussion about the origin of Virii and
influenza strains --> 
(Click Show Transcript)

In other words, while swine flu is serious. It really is only a
convenient distraction from factories closing, unemployment, and house

Think about it - if you were President Obama's PR machine and even after
3 trillion in bail-out monies had left the building - and the economy
was still wearing electronically heated socks..... What would get the
voters attention off the presidential failure to restart the old
2-stroke lawn-mower? - Pandemic. 

Always a great Story

Here's an alternative take on the Swine Flu

Possibly a wee bit over the top - but - you never know.....

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