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from: Fwd: Slattery's Watch - 27th April, 2009

>  ACMA's second 
> <http://slattery.slatteryit.com.au/rp//118/process.clsp?t=2186FEA2798854C5CC029C3BA80EFBF07>report 
> has been made available on international developments in internet 
> filtering technologies and other measures for promoting online safety.
>  The Federal Government has committed to $81.9 million over 3 years 
> to fund the Vocational Education Broadband Network proposed at the 2020 Summit.
>  The Telecoms Agreement, between the Tasmanian Government and the 
> original owners of Basslink, has been 
> <http://slattery.slatteryit.com.au/rp//118/process.clsp?t=2FA4CA32FEF48EF143C37DE575B8CD303>terminated 
> following Aurora entering into separate commercial arrangements 
> with Basslink, following the Tasmanian Government's decision for 
> Aurora to be its strategic partner. Basslink are finalising 
> arrangements in Victoria and are expected to light their fibre soon.
>  Senator Conroy 
> <http://slattery.slatteryit.com.au/rp//118/process.clsp?t=242ADF7291314678D34F7CCA4452EAF9A>released 
> a stakeholder consultation paper, to provide stakeholders the 
> opportunity to help identify and prioritise regional locations to 
> be assisted as part of the $250 million backhaul initiative. It 
> also asks for comment (by 12 May 2009) on technical parameters 
> associated with the rollout and arrangements for funding, the 
> delivery of services and the ownership of the infrastructure.

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