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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Apr 28 14:04:33 AEST 2009

Stephen Wilson wrote:
> G'Day Roger.
> I certainly do pardon your cynicism -- it's well grounded. 
> I think the constructive way forward is to establish common ground with 
> regards to what everyone would agree are worthwhile, feasible outcomes 
> of shared EHR, and then attempt to derive (and debate where necessary) 
> proper privacy controls and policies. 
> Seems that wherever one is paced on the privacy spectrum, everyone would 
> likely agree that SEHRs would be valuable for better public health 
> management, and for better communication between secondary/tertiary 
> (hospitals) and primary carers (GPs).
> <snip>

This is a gross oversimplification of parties with an interest in various
snippets of health information:

*Not everyone has a private/personal GP
*A big costs is Prescription Drugs (patient and prescriber misconduct)
*Overservicing/multiple tests/while we are at it lets test for everything (Roger
has raised this)
*Ambulance/First Aid
*Super, Life Insurance, Actuarians, Private & Public Health Insurers interest
*Aged Care and Acute Hospital Medical Care
*Home based Care (cheaper and better quality of life for patient )
*Emergency Services/
*Family Histories
*Maternity Care (pre and post-natal)
*Epidemiology (as you pointed out before)
*Payment for Services (reimbursement where bulk billing doesn't apply)
*Emergencies from bush fires to swine flu, contamination of water supplies and food.

Then there are those 17 cards/programs and the leakage Joe Hockey raised before
he went into opposition.

Juicy sounding mega IT project - but I would be really curious to see the business
case and governance framework you had in mind.

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