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At 10:35 +0000 28/4/09, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>Perhaps of interest, the NSW Dep of Health has run an EHR trial since
>2006, (with 28,000 participants & 41 deployments) which, according to
>an evaluation, has been very successful(?) If so(?) bring it on, imho.
>  http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/factsheets/general/ehr.html
>and their Sep 2008 evaluation ..

Stephen, are you being disingenous, have you been asleep all this 
time, or are you just stirring.

NSW Healthelink is, and has been for some years, justabout the most 
diabolical of all of the misconceived excuses for an EHR trial.


The bureaucrats refused to deal with advocates.

And they simply voided the already wafer-thin privacy laws in order 
to force the scheme into existence.

The consultants who were evaluating it started to enter into a 
dialogue with advocates, and then suddenly pulled away - having 
clearly received a signal from the client that advocates' views were 

Not to put too fine a point on it, the NSW Dept of Health is a 
seriously untrustworthy organisation that engineers its results.

To revert to the other thread ...

Yes, there are constructive ways forward.

There are concepts like federated rather than monolithic, for example.

And like diseconomies of scale and scope rather than economies. 
(Unlike the now-unfashionable 'small is beautiful' mantra, those 
concepts come from general systems theory, economics and business).

A bunch of us have been trying to convey such ideas for quite some 
time.  But the bog-ignorant execs and power-brokers keep looking for 
the one-hit, announcable wonder.

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