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On 29/04/2009, at 12:53 PM, grove at zeta.org.au wrote:

> An interesting article from the perspective of the average consumer.
> I must say, I agree with many of the points discussed.  Sometimes
> consumer electronics are overengineered to the point of being  
> annoying or
> misdesigned such as to make them annoying and neccessary, but also  
> practically
> useless or unsafe.

Whilst I agree that wifi can be unsafe, I don't agree that the  
'...cons far outweigh the benefits in most cases and the reality is  
that wires almost never fail'.

The alternatives are no more safe, unless you can be absolutely sure  
that the device that you are using does not have a keystroke logger,  
that the network routing equipment is not intercepting data, or a  
myriad of other conditions which should be self-evident to most Linkers.

ATMs (if available) are generally a safer way of checking account  

As for the statement that wireless devices 'end up spending more time  
in the charger than in our pockets', the reviewer clearly has some  
pretty dodgy equipment.

Gadget battery performance could be a whole lot better, but only so we  
don't have to tether our laptops and phones every day. Once a week  
would be terrific, if the charging cycle wasn't of equal or greater  


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