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Beware: in cyberspace, no one can hear you scam
Tom Nicol
January 4, 2009

THE growing trend of online "space faking", where users masquerade as 
other people, has reignited concerns about the security of social 
networking sites.

While space faking is not a crime, federal Home Affairs Minister Bob 
Debus said such activity could be a precursor to identity theft.

"This sort of activity can be innocent, but you only have to take it 
a few steps forward to commit an identity crime," he said. "Clever 
people may be able to use fake identities to gather clues about your 
identity and then go on to commit a crime. All users have to be aware 
that strangers can access information you put on the internet."

Increasingly, social networking sites are being overrun by space 
fakers, who swipe other users' photos and create entirely new 
identities for themselves.

Late last year draft legislation was introduced into Parliament that 
includes offences for misusing identification to commit an offence. 
"In the past it has often been very difficult to prove a fraud. These 
new laws would apply across the country, and are punishable by up to 
five years' jail," Mr Debus said.

The Australian Federal Police announced recently it would also 
intensify the fight against online criminals, signing a joint 
co-operation agreement with Telstra.

"Technology-enabled crime is a complex, dynamic environment with new 
trends constantly emerging. We must continually look at improving our 
methods of detection and prevention," said AFP acting Deputy 
Commissioner Andrew Colvin.

[One must wonder what is in that agreement]


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