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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Jan 7 13:01:14 AEDT 2009

Jan Whitaker wrote:

> I'm not a facebook or myspace participant. I don't know what tools 
> are provided there. But I suspect that if email is available, unless 
> members are advised of the benefits, they don't use them. Therefore 
> the 'pull' factor needs to be higher. But then again, I'm a boomer, 
> not a gen-XYZ, so I may just not 'get it'.

I am on a few of the social networking sites out of the necessity
of finding people. Sound familiar?

Then people find me and "write on my wall" and "throw a comment".
Fine. But what I get via email is a notification that so-and-so
"wrote on my wall" without including the text that was written.

How useless. Do I have time to go to the social site in question,
log in and dig up the writing on the wall? Of course not. Not
to login just to see "kewl, dude!" on my wall.

I don't think the designers of these sites "get it". When I am
notified by email, I want to be told the whole story. Not forced
to waste time logging in, etc.etc.

And interestingly, many of the Gen-XYZs on these sites "don't
get" email. The only way they communicate with me is via their
social sites or they might try (in vain) to get me to use MSN.
When I mention IRC, I get blankness and void in return.

Many newcomers to the net don't "get it", "it" being where the
net has come from, and how to use it effectively.

Social posing and time wasting, imho.


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