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At 01:24 PM 7/01/2009, you wrote:
re blogs:
>But as they tail off and get archived the data is lost, even after a 
>relatively short amount of time.  So when I used to be able to 
>search the net and troll through newsgroups, listserves and so on, 
>now you have "forums" and blogs which tend to only contain current 
>or recent data.   No good if you want to hunt down a problem and 
>then come back a year later.   Case in point,  I have a synthesizer 
>that had a design flaw.   Someone posted the solution on a blog with 
>a complete breakdown on the repair required.  Sometime last year, 
>this blog tailed off and archived.   The site is not searchable 
>anymore and even my bookmark of the site only returns the most 
>recent blog entries totally unrelated to my search.

sometimes the search engines do archive/cache. I've been able to 
recover some blog posts of my own by using google when my blog crashed

>>And interestingly, many of the Gen-XYZs on these sites "don't
>>get" email. The only way they communicate with me is via their
>>social sites or they might try (in vain) to get me to use MSN.
>>When I mention IRC, I get blankness and void in return.

Rick mentioned IRC. If you spoke of IM, they would get it. I think 
the terminology just changed.

Rachel said:
>When I am encouraged to join an SN site I just ignore it.  I am on 
>"Linked In" but I really never log in.    Twitter is no good to me 
>as there is no information and I don't use handheld 
>devices.  Myspace kills my computer.   Facebook is annoying.    I am 
>subscribed to several web forums, but I wish they were email 
>lists.   And the ones that do provide lists are too high volume so I 
>use the web forum to filter out.    But the crappy in-page editors 
>are evil.

I agree on that one. If the page crashes, I don't know how many times 
I've lost what I just spent time typing in. That hardly ever happens 
with my email client. I absolutely hate online editors and 
organisations that rely on them for 'security' reasons.

>And your
>info will disappear after a while.   And web forums do not allow any 
>level of privacy as a comment made on one will eventually make it to 
>the web, so you can't define a message as "not searchable" in any case.

This sort of contradicts the non-archiving point earlier. I wonder if 
the real issue is the inconsistency and non-transparency of what is 
really happening to what is put 'out there'. If one knows or assumes 
something will be saved, there are times when that is a good thing -- 
eg recovery of crashed server info -- and others when it's not -- 
saying something and wanting to draw it back before it hits the 
server. And those situations aren't consistent either, that is they 
can't be anticipated. It's why I'm a packrat and save almost 
everything that I write on my computer somewhere, plus occasional backups.

BTW, people were replying to Ricks reply before it appeared in my 
mailbox. Something is weird re mail processing.

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