[LINK] Largest Facebook group in Australia?

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Wed Jan 7 15:32:37 AEDT 2009

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Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2009 2:09 pm
Subject: Re: [LINK] Largest Facebook group in Australia?
> I must stand corrected. As Matthew just pointed out, Facebook for one

Actually it's Michelle now, but hey little things eh. ;-)

As a follow up to my mail, I forgot to mention that I finally succumbed
to using Facebook Mid 2008, as my son (whom I haven't seen in 7 years),
my brother, sister and most of my extended family seem to use it as a
day-to-day "about us" tool.

It has provided yet another avenue for people to contact me, and to see
how my life changes are progressing (I do post photos there from time to

An unexpected result occurred and I have now been "found" by over 100
old school friends who wanted to keep in touch, but lost any chance of
that when I emigrated to Australia.  I even received a message from
someone who I save from gaol some years back (I persuaded him to get a
job - and that he could get a job - rather than steal) saying, "it made
my day to here from you keep it touch thanks".



PS: Still have matthew at sorbs.net as my email for existing mailing lists,
but all new contact goes to michelle at sorbs.net, at least until I get the
time to change the addresses and move the filtering rules.

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