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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Jan 8 14:57:10 AEDT 2009

Richard writes,

> Wow, the NYT leads the scoops ..

Actually their other story posted here re the 3 major record companies
dropping DRM was more of the scoop .. and the 'R' article is way buried
in their business section ..

> with a story about a bit of software that's 13 years old ... this is
> the "slow news week" syndrome with a vengance!

Also it appears the point of this article was more to do with the current
popularity of the R language, eg a world where google says, '“R is really
important to the point that it’s hard to overvalue it,” said Daryl
Pregibon, a research scientist at Google, which uses the software widely.'
rather than as an intro for programming newbies. But .. whatever, Richard.

Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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