[LINK] Firefox security settings invoked by google??

Antony Barry tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au
Sat Jan 10 15:13:13 AEDT 2009


This my third try to send this over almost a day. As it contained  
some mention of security in the pages I was quoting it is possible  
something at ANU was blocking it although I would have hoped for a  
bounce or the message being quarantined by mailman for me to approve  
which does not seem to have happened nor has it made it into the link  
archives. I've cut out the quoted bits which can be accessed at the  
site. Here is the story.

An old friend is involved in an NGO which needs to monitor  
information about Indonesia. They have a problem with a site they  
want to monitor. I looked at the site http://www.indomedia.com/ with  
Firefox on a Mac and got a message that it was blocked by firefox as  
it was an "attack" site.

There was some javascript on the page which I'm not competent to  
interpret. Initially I had javascript turned off. When I temporally  
enabled it for the page I got the warning. A link from the warning  
gave a more detailed explanation based on an "advisory provided by  
google" which said 130 pages had malicious software and the date it  
was last checked

My friend wanted some advice but I find I'm not competent to give  
much other than suspecting that it would be bad to touch it with  a  
Windows machine and _maybe_ it's OK with a Mac or Linux. Would I be  

Also I didn't know that google was checking for nasties when it  
trawled which seems like a good community service provided they are  
accurate. Any comments of how well google is doing on this? Also what  
advice should I give my friend?



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