[LINK] Geo-thermal: clean, permanent electricity

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat Jan 10 22:12:09 AEDT 2009

Tom writes,

> Hot rock projects are wonderful - unfortunately there are two issues
> that undermine the location of power generation in the centre of Aus   
> Firstly, transmission loss on high tension power lines is 2.1 Kw per
> kilometre (If there any transmission lines in the first place. - there
> are not.) So a Megawatt would be chewed up failrly quickly ..

Haha .. and as usual Link choruses .. prove this .. where are your url 
references for your facts .. or, are Link simply meant to believe you?

And, one example (Wikipedia) "The advantage of HVDC is the ability to 
transmit large amounts of power over long distances with lower capital 
costs and with lower losses than AC.  Depending on voltage level and 
construction details, losses are quoted as about 3% per 1000 km. High-
voltage direct current transmission allows efficient use of energy 
sources remote from load centers." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HVDC

> Secondly - Hot Rocks Powergen requires heat exchange from injection of
> water. So first you need to get some water out there. (Lots of piping
> required).

Any water used is condensed and relooped. Haha where are your facts re
water usage? I would be delighted to partake in informed discussion Tom

> Although for small country towns with a large lake (eg Canberra) it
> would be a great idea so they could power themselves and be truly self
> contained..... Instead of having to buy expensive Carbon Credit rich
> power from the Snowy's.  Ducking and running......... Tom

Cheers references
 Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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