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> > I am not a geologist and am unable to comment on the
> differnet types
> > of Granite and its flaking or H2S & SO2 potential.
> If the above regards ideal-shatter-zones & closed systems is
> correct (?) what we need is a considerable research approach. 
> That is Au taking time and the money to go deeper, for 
> example, before detonation ... the forms of major research 
> that should be gov sponsored .. hopefully you do agree to 
> more local research, but, we have different perspectives about carbon.
> Cheers Tom, and thanks for the interesting discussion.
> Stephen Loosley
> Victoria, Australia

Now there I would agree. The most successful (largest) Geothermal
facility is in Wairaki NZ which has been operating continuously since
1963. It consists of multiple bores. However depends on active magma
sulphurised underground water reservoir (Rotorua Hot Springs).
Most test faciltiies are overhyped at the outset and started with gusto,
only to languish due to spectacular under performance. I think you might
be holding out on us Stephen, the folowing link provides additional
information on the theory expounded above. And I think the CSIRO are
federally funded.
So I think there is potential, but I am still concerned by the SO2. This
chap might be worth approaching for a comment.



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