[LINK] Firefox security settings invoked by google??

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Tue Jan 13 08:33:10 AEDT 2009

David wrote: 

> As for the site in question, Norton have some information at 
> https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=indomedia.com  


I opened the the site and started reading then, in a couple of seconds,
the page reloaded. The information disappeared, replaced by "The web
browser you are using does not have JavaScript enabled. In order to use
this Web site, you must enable JavaScript in your browser. " (I'm using
NoScript, and norton.com wasn't enabled.)

After an appropriate double take, I temporarily enabled norton.com, and
nothing changed. The page didn't return to its original condition, and
the "Javascript disabled" message was still displayed. The only other
script trying o run was Google Analytics, so I enabled that too. No

I closed the tab and tried again - same thing. The page loaded normally,
then changed to the "Javascript disabled" message.

The technical term, I believe, is "WTF?" Is this just an example of the
saying "any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from

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