[LINK] gps on kids

David Lochrin dlochrin at d2.net.au
Tue Jan 13 10:24:50 AEDT 2009

On Tuesday 13 January 2009 07:09, Richard Chirgwin wrote:

> I'm with you in the "loss of mind" view. I'm fairly alarmed at the
> general trend to replace responsibility and capability with technology
> and dependency...

I couldn't agree more!  This works in subtle ways too; every set of traffic lights substitutes technology for drivers' sense of responsibility & courtesy to others.  I'm not suggesting that all traffic lights are a bad thing, but the NSW Department of Mindless Traffic Regulation & Signage is out of control.

And don't get me started on variable speed zones and radar traps...  I wonder if the collision rate has gone up because drivers are now busy gazing at their speedometers instead of driving responsibly?

Another interesting aspect is that all these technologies increase complexity.  Can you imagine what would happen if the GPS system suddenly failed?


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