[LINK] Crikey: Telstra holds back broadband speeds. Again.

Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Wed Jan 14 08:29:14 AEDT 2009

I just realised hat I didn't pimp Monday's Crikey.com.au article on  
Link, in part because I'm not THAT much of a whore and partly because  
I just forgot.

"Telstra holds back broadband speeds. Again."

It begins...

     Confused by Telstra's rejected low-cal bid for the National
     Broadband Network? Let’s stir some new jargon into the stew:
     "DOCSIS 3" and "dark fibre". Suddenly Telstra’s strategy
     makes sense -- for Telstra -- but it delays the rollout of
     high-speed broadband even further. Again.

Some interesting stuff has emerged in the comments.

I'd be interested if any Linkers have knowledge of the extent of dark  
fibre, both Telstra's and everyone else's. Anyone wishing to email be  
off-Link will have their anonymity preserved if they wish.



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