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Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Wed Jan 14 08:41:05 AEDT 2009

Apart from the blog update, I've had private conversations with two  
relevant Sun / MySQL employees.

On 14/01/2009, at 8:29 AM, nospam at crm911.com wrote:
> "Apparently, the Australian government is worried they'll unfairly  
> compete
> with local businesses."
> I doubt that the border agent said anything to that effect to the Sun
> employees.

Correct. This was, in fact, speculation on the part of the denied  
traveller, as later blog comments made clear.

This didn't get as far as a border agent, as I understand, but earlirr  
in the process.

>> From his blog (worth reading the update/clarification):
> http://blogs.mysql.com/kaj/2009/01/12/on-open-source-and-open-competition-in-a-not-so-open-world/
> I don't get the impression that "several" Sun employees have been  
> denied
> entry.

There were two employees specifically denied for Linuxconf attendance  
(well, denied their visas, and Linuxconf was their destination), one  
from Germany and one from "an Asian country".

> There is really no story here.

Maybe. Maybe not. Some of the denied travellers in question have  
previously been in Australia. Has something changed? While they may  
well have been rejected for valid reasons, have the rules tightened?

The story initially is that there is surprise that this has happened,  
both at MySQL and at Linuxconf. That leading MySQL experts have been  
denied entry is a story in itself... even if the story ends up being  
that Very Intelligent People can't fill in a visa application  
properly. ;)


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