[LINK] ICTs and Global Working in a Non-Flat World, Canberra, 22 January 2009

Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
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Professor Geoff Walsham, University of Cambridge, will talk on "ICTs 
and Global Working in a Non-Flat World" at the ANU in Canberra, 22 
January 2009 (free lunch included). Professor Walsham rejects Thomas 
Friedman's hypothesis that ICT globalisation has made it possible to 
do business globally with a connected global workforce (all that 
stuff about Lexuses and olive trees):

     National Centre for Information Systems Research
     ANU College of Business and Economics
     Australian National University
     Seminar Series

     ICTs and Global Working in a Non-Flat World

     Time: 12 noon -1.30 pm
     Date: 22 January, 2009
     Place: Faculty Suite, 1st floor, H.W. Arndt Building #25a
     Followed by light lunch, Room 2110, Crisp Building #26
     RSVP: Laura.Fitzgibbon at anu.edu.au for catering purposes by 21 January

     Presenter: Geoff Walsham
     Judge Business School
     University of Cambridge

     This presentation will reject the hypothesis of Thomas Friedman 
that ICT-enabled globalisation is driving us towards a flat world. 
Instead, it will be argued that the world remains uneven, full of 
seams, culturally heterogeneous, locally specific, inequitable, not 
well-integrated and constantly changing. This argument will be 
supported by an analysis of three areas of ICT-enabled global 
working, namely global software outsourcing, global IS roll-out and 
global virtual teams. The presentation will then build on these 
analyses to put forward an agenda for future IS research on ICTs and 
global working based on three research themes: identity and 
cross-cultural working; globalisation, localisation and 
standardisation; and power, knowledge and control.

     Walsham, G. (2008)

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