[LINK] Phone firms told to stop being pests

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> I get these calls at least once a month, and sometimes 
> multiple times in
> the same week from the same people.
> Every call (until I started putting them "on hold") I asked them never
> to call again and that I wasn't interested.  They often called back 2
> nights later with the same deal, always as I'm in the middle of
> preparing dinner.
> Swearing at them and hanging up also doesn't seem to have an effect at
> stopping them.
> I'd be happy to hear of any sure fire plan to get rid of them 
> for good.

That's easy - ask them if they could ring your boss, he makes all the
decisions regardng telephone accounts. Unfortunately its an
international call - is that a problem ?
If not, could they please update their database please. The new number
for decisions about this telephone account is: 0011-1-301-555-1212

(LA Number enquiry service - substitute 301 with your favourite US area

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