[LINK] ICT Predictions 2009 - little OT (gov't reports example)

anthony.w.hornby at gmail.com anthony.w.hornby at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 11:18:28 AEDT 2009

Thanks for the info Tom,

> Providing the URL of the document on the web should meet the requirement  
to "supply" a copy.

We'd still prefer a way to get that delivered to us automatically so we  
don't have to go searching for it. We don't want government pushing the  
cost of their disorganisation on to us. It that light it would still be  
prefereable to have one area do this gathering of material into a  
structured repository that everyone else could just harvest from  
automatically (if published under CC this could be delivered including  
clear rights). Surely if we went to an electronic only model there would be  
significant savings in government from the current inefficiency. Those  
savings would probably pay for someone to gather, mark-up and ingest  
everything into a repository. If not a central repository then at least a  
structured feed of some sort we could harvest from that tied together all  
the web links with a standard metadata schema (probably some flavour of  
XML). In the short term I'll be looking closely at what NLA is doing with  
PANDORA as this might meet most of our need.

> As far as I can see the Commonwealth Government is not going to object to  
you keeping a copy of a government report. They just don't want you to  
change it, or sell copies.
True enough, this sounds like a straightforward risk management exercise. I  
will be investigating this with my team, plus having another look at what  
PANDORA does and changing our workflows to suit. I am now sure that even  
within the current regime I can do something to improve access and tracking  
of the electronic versions now.

Thanks everyone, I've gained some valuable insight and leads that I am sure  
I can use to improve things for our clients and hopefully save some staff  
time as well :-)

Regards Anthony

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