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Tue Jan 27 06:12:31 AEDT 2009

From: windowsdailynews at ientrynetwork.net
Date:   Mon, 26 Jan 2009 12:26:16 -0500 
Subject:   New List Of Windows 7 Beta Secret Shortcuts 

• The Black Box Recorder. Every developer wishes there was a way that an 
end-users could quickly and simply record a repro for the problem that 
they're running into that is unique to their machine. Windows 7 comes to 
the rescue! Part of the in-built diagnostic tools that we use internally 
to send feedback on the product, the Problem Steps Recorder provides a 
simple screen capture tool that enables you to record a series of 
actions. Once you hit "record", it tracks your mouse and keyboard and 
captures screenshots with any comments you choose to associate alongside 
them. Once you stop recording, it saves the whole thing to a ZIP file, 
containing an HTML-based "slide show" of the steps. It's a really neat 
little tool and I can't wait for it to become ubiquitous on every 
desktop! The program is called psr.exe; you can also search for it from 
Control Panel under "Record steps to reproduce a problem".


Sounds good for free, wonder how well it works when the machine crashes.

Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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