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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Jan 26 02:10:17 AEDT 2009

Hi all, 

'With new software released this month, Microsoft is attracting novice 
songwriters. You sing the words as best you can, and Songsmith software 
supplies computer-matched musical accompaniment .. '

Here's the MS release promo video:


and 'This page contains musical examples – both audio and video – that 
will give you a feel for the kind of music you can create with Songsmith. 
Anything you hear on this page was created with Songsmith.'


Here's Sgt Peppers on Youtube: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=9BZk6aZp9xE

Should be noted, in musical terms, it seems the reviews aren't good so far

Cheers, people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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