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At 08:44 AM 27/01/2009, Tom Worthington wrote:

>My proposal was that an index to publications would be automatically
>generated and made available online. This would obviously include an
>alert service to tell you what new publications there are available.
>You could then select those you did want and click on the link to get
>them. This would seem to me to be more convenient than having the
>government send you copies of stuff, most of which you probably don't want.

This comment reminded me of some strange 
interactions between Google and Parliament 
publications. I have a google advisory set to 
email me when Australian Parliament  items that 
include privacy in them are added to the google 
index. Most that I get are several years old. Why 
would that be? Are they delaying discovery? Or is google just behind?

Google Alert - privacy site:www.aph.gov.au
several months old:
(a) notes that on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 as part of Privacy Awareness
Week. 2008, the inaugural Australian Privacy Awards and the Australian
Privacy ...

several years old:
Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000 (Bills Digest 193 ...
Privacy first became an issue of major national significance in the debate
surrounding the proposed introduction of the Australia Card in the late
1980s. ...

Parliament of Australia: Senate: Committee: Inquiry into the ...
Inquiry into the Privacy Act 1988. Information about the Inquiry · Terms
of Reference ... Parliament of Australia Web Site Privacy Statement ...


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