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Maybe the start of digital-convoy-cars ..

Oshkosh, Army in non-driver truck technology deal
Associated Press, 01.26.09, 12:53 PM EST 

A unit of Oshkosh Corp. said Monday it signed a research and development 
deal with the US Army for refining the technology that enables un-manned 
ground vehicles to operate in a convoy.

The three-year collaboration between Oshkosh Defense and the U.S. Army's 
Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center will 
focus on upgrading Oshkosh's unmanned TerraMax vehicle.

The objective is to create a lead (unmanned) vehicle that can navigate 
and operate in missions, while communicating route information to another 
unmanned follower vehicle," Oshkosh said in a news release.

"The vehicles must be able to operate near-autonomous in a safe manner 
among people, animals, vehicles and other obstacles at operational speeds 
and in tactical environments."


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