[LINK] UK will not legislate on piracy

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> UK will not legislate on piracy
> David Lammy, IP Minister
> David Lammy does not want to be heavy-handed with teenagers
> The UK's Intellectual Property minister David Lammy has said the  
> government will not force internet service providers to pursue file  
> sharers.
> There had been mounting speculation about government legislation on  
> the issue as the music industry steps up its fight against the  
> pirates.
> Other countries, such as France, have supported tough action on file- 
> sharers, who the industry claims cost them dear.
> But Mr Lammy said legislation would be too complex.
> "We can't have a system where we're talking about arresting  
> teenagers in their bedrooms," he told The Times newspaper.

> Feargal Sharkey, ex-pop star and now head of the pan-industry body  
> UK Music, has said that he believes 80% of file-sharers would be  
> prepared to pay for a legitimate file-sharing service.
> The challenge for the UK music industry was to find a way to "unlock  
> the true potential of digital music", he said at an industry talking  
> shop at the beginning of the year.

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