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Britain Looks to Expand Broadband, and Limit Piracy
By ERIC PFANNER www.nytimes.com Published: January 29, 2009
The British government outlined plans on Thursday to bring broadband 
Internet service to every home in Britain by 2012 .. and proposed ways
to crack down on online piracy..

By 2012, the government said in a report, 20 percent of all commerce in 
Britain will occur online.

“There is no sector, with the possible exception of energy, that the rest 
of the economy depends upon more than this one,” Mr. Carter told 
reporters in London. 

The government wants to make broadband a universal service like 
television, using fixed-line and wireless technologies. 

About 60 percent of British households currently have broadband..

To try to curb unauthorized file-sharing, which the music industry blames 
for its woes, the report recommends requiring Internet service providers 
to send warning letters to persistent pirates. 

Some British Internet providers have already sent such letters under a 
voluntary agreement. Under the proposal outlined Thursday, they would be 
required by law to do so. Internet providers would also be required to 
turn over personal details of repeat offenders to rights holders, like 
music companies, so that the offenders could be sued.

The music industry, however, is increasingly reluctant to pursue file-
sharers through the courts, fearing a backlash from listeners.. 

The recommendations are preliminary; they are open to comment, and the 
government intends to make final proposals in June.


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