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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat Jan 31 22:25:32 AEDT 2009

>> Australia is second in world-pollution-per-capita, 17 tonnes CO2 each
>> In earth terms .. it's time to do *everything* rather than *something*
> So when are you taking photos of your new efficient appliances;
> your efficiently powered and lighted workspace; your solar cell power
> home; with correct insulation and windows to minimise and maximise heat
> transfer (to minimise heating/cooling bills), etc, etc? Are you using 
> efficient software? Are your methods of transportation efficient?
> Including construction and disposal thereof? Or are you "just" driving
> a car everywhere? :) Adrian

At the risk of boring good ppl .. yes .. ALL apliances selected had the
most stars (when purchased), all globes are power-savers, and the solar
(reflective) film on *all* the house-windows works brilliantly. The car
which i rarely use, is a restored-by-me 1972 VW Beetle, and, which uses
7.5 litres per 100klm, (a new Falcon uses around 12, and sports R/Rover
uses around 25) and my gardens (no lawns) just dought-resistant-natives.
Ok, i also have a 5 litre V8 holden wagon to tow the yacht, and a Capri
sports-convertible for long trips, which uses 7.2 L/100k & water tanks.

Basically doing everything reasonable as i'm sure all smart linkers are
because it's either NOT hard to be green, or it's money very well spent
which saves money in the long run (eg, power bills)

>From experience, it's just dumb, or expensive (or both) not to be green
and it's certainly anti-social. Of course 400c degrees is un-survivable
if that's the future & imho we should be doing *everything* appropriate.

Cheers Adrian
Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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