[LINK] Grocery Choice - what's the problem?

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Wed Jul 1 12:42:15 AEST 2009

At 11:57 AM 1/07/2009, David Boxall wrote:
>Data automatically transmitted from backend databases is not subject to
>outside manipulation and it can be as comprehensive as we want. The only
>probable problems I see are failure to provide and distortion at source,
>which is why I've suggested legislated compulsion and heavy penalties.

The two biggies are not complying with unit pricing, either. They 
generate labels for shelves based on prices that change often but in 
my Safeway, the unit pricing is only generally appearing on their 
Homebrand items. So where's the ability to price compare even within 
the store? That was the point of the exercise after all. So I'm not 
at all surprised that they don't want to expose their interstore 
pricing differences.

I can go to any of three Coles within a 6 or 7km distance and get 
different prices depending on the price of housing in that area. By 
the way, Bunnings is the same. This is the cat they really don't want 
to expose.


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