[LINK] ABC link problem

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Jul 1 20:29:01 AEST 2009

Andy Farkas wrote:
> On 7/1/09, Jan Whitaker <jwhit at janwhitaker.com> wrote:
>> Here is the supposed link to sound bite 1:
>> http://mpegmedia/rn/web/sound1.mp3
> Yes, the links are wrong. They should be:
> http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/web/sound1.mp3

They probably work for the web designers internally at the
ABC because of local domain name resolving, e.g.

mpegmedia resolves to an internal server for the
web guys 'n gals, but externally it resolves to nothing.

This is Web Basics 101. The RN support team should find
a big clue stick and apply manually thrice daily.


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