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Sun Jul 5 21:45:59 AEST 2009

At 09:11 PM 5/07/2009, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>Their focus now is upon smart ICT [information communication
>and technology] to solve what they call society's problems. I think the
>challenge the Government's going to have is how does it roll out a
>network and also do what the Japanese are doing now, which is focussing
>on the applications and the services, and what do you use the network for?
>"The Japanese manage to do it in two stages - let's build it and work
>out how we're going to use it to solve problems.
>"I think Australia's going to have to do both at the same time."

Who says we need the government to do the centralised Japanese thing 
of what to use the network for? Isn't *that* the realm of 'the 
market'? Seems like we've come a long way on the net by letting the 
users and content providers and application presenters just get on 
with it. The government didn't 'fill' the net with content, and in 
fact was one of the laggards in both the US and Australia.

Just build the damn thing!!

And if Twomey thinks they govt should be doing both, he shouldn't be 
hired for the project.


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