[LINK] Internet as a source of info for young people.

Sylvano sylvano at gnomon.com.au
Mon Jul 6 11:25:48 AEST 2009

I was checking out the Australian Electoral Commission's latest report
(No. 5) on Youth attitudes and intentions, which is available at:


Revisiting the first report, I noticed an interesting claim about youth's
low rating of the internet as a source of info:

Those sources scoring less than 2, especially those closer to 1.5, suggest
very little use by students as sources of information about voting.
Students claim that religious groups, siblings, magazines, books and even
friends are not commonly used as information sources. Interestingly, the
use of the internet was rated low by students, which is consistent with a
growing body of research on youth use of the internet.


and was wondering if anyone had links to other sources corroborating this.


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