[LINK] Australia’s Digital Economy : Future D i rections

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Wed Jul 8 01:34:32 AEST 2009

At 14:24 07/07/2009, Frank O'Connor wrote:
>At 8:12 AM +0100 7/7/09, Leah Manta wrote:
>>At 07:13 07/07/2009, you wrote:
>>>2. They will attempt to reinvent the wheel and impose their own
>>>(depressingly low and non-open) standards. If it can be done using
>>>proprietary standards it will be done using the most inappropriate,
>>>expensive, proprietary standards.
>This relates to the technology choices they will make.
>>>5. They will mirror, rather than reinvent or improve, existing public
>>>service processes.
>This relates to the bureaucratic processes they will elect to automate.
>>Bit of a conflict there Frank!
>No conflict ... but perhaps a need for elucidation. Thanks for the 
>pickup.     :)

Frank, Frank, Frank.

We are talking about government people.  The neither make choices nor 
elect.  We choose and we elect them!  Remember!

As for elucidation, you need words of 2 syllables or less.  Really. 
Or you have to write a Tender Document for a definition and debate it 
till the next election.

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