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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu Jul 9 13:54:50 AEST 2009

Here is a parody from the folk at Get Up.


They are gathering funds for this ad to appear on the telly:


A quote from their email covering the campaign:

   "The power of the internet is in collaboration. So, having asked you to
    submit your ideas for a TV ad turning up the heat on the Government's
    internet censorship plan, we're proud to announce the result: a sharp
    parody video that highlights how ridiculous the plan is - Censordyne!

    We've pored over your suggestions and combined the best ones to make
    this video. Now we have to make sure it's seen in all the right places.

    Luckily, we know where every politician, their advisers and political
    journos will be - on a plane to Canberra for the next sitting week of
    Parliament. With your help, we'll have this video playing on every
    Qantas flight in the country for that entire week ..."


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