[LINK] Urban myth in the making: Was: Ex IBM Employer reveals TV abandonded analogue band for RFID

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Thu Jul 16 18:32:02 AEST 2009

On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Robin Whittle wrote:

> Here is a case-study in bullshit amplification via the Internet.

I did say I couldn't verify the article myself ;)

> When I first heard of this story on the AH list, I tried to find the
> original source, found the michaeljournal.org page, and decided it
> wasn't credible enough to mention to anyone.

What you say about amplification is very interesting. 
I could not find anything either.  I got it from a different list.  Then 
I saw it on AH myself.  I had not heard the meme before then, though.

Very sorry if I naively spread unmitigated rubbish but I thought there
was substance in the article!


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