[LINK] Urban myth in the making: Was: Ex IBM Employer reveals TV abandonded analogue band for RFID

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> Hi Rachel,
> You wrote:
> >> When I first heard of this story on the AH list, I tried to find the
> >> original source, found the michaeljournal.org page, and decided it
> >> wasn't credible enough to mention to anyone.
> >
> > What you say about amplification is very interesting.
> > I could not find anything either.  I got it from a different list.  Then
> > I saw it on AH myself.  I had not heard the meme before then, though.
> It took me a lot of effort to figure out, as best I could, what the
> original source was.

I was able to find a little more in this from "We Are Change - Colorado
Former IBM Employee Gives A Presentation On RFID
Patrick Redmond graduated with a Doctorate in History from the University of
London, England in 1972. He taught at the University of the West Indies in
Trinidad, then at  Adhadu Bello University in Kano, Nigeria before joining
IBM.  He worked in IBM for 31 years before retiring. During his career at
IBM he held a variety of jobs. These included; from 1992 until 2007 working
at the IBM Toronto lab in technical, then in sales support. He has written
two books and numerous articles. Here is a presentation he gave in Toronto
on April 13, 2008.
This article points to http://www.michaeljournal.org/newtechno.htm as seen

The important point is in this last line: "Here is a presentation he gave in
Toronto on April 13, 2008."

Still nothing on *where* the presentation was delivered, but at least there
is some more background on the WHO of Patrick (sorry, Dr) Redmond.

I found some more information about the man himself - particularly that he
has stood for election in Marhkam, Canada as a Familiy Coalition Party
representative: (

DISCLAIMER: The linking information here is: Canada, Toronto, Name (Partick
Redmond) and IBM - so it is possible that this information is not about the
person on interest.

> Maybe there is tough competition in the blogosphere for conspiracy
> theories.   I still reckon this one has staying power and will be
> floating round for years to come.

Can't help but agree with you there, Robin.

And I suspect that we haven't see the real blossoming of this one yet...

Cheerfully yours,

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