[LINK] Rudd's laptops send standards backwards

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At 04:39 PM 20/07/2009, ARTHUR,Evan (Dr) wrote:
>So, enjoy:  http://jacob.vigdor.googlepages.com/digdivide012508.pdf

I just scanned it. Those are some of the weirdest correlations I've 
ever seen. Number of ISPs in a zip code against math/reading scores. 
???? I can't find that they have determined that the cohort in the 
data actually HAVE internet subscriptions, let alone that the students USED it.

They need a graph to show the effects. That list of data is mind-numbing.

But it was encouraging that they came up with the same time on task 
and different skills/purpose discussion in the opening. Pity they 
didn't really measure those things. Well, they do say they have 
self-reporting of time on task. I'll give them that. Ah, there is a 
purpose for the time on task: computer SKILLS test:  "This may in 
turn reflect the assignment of remedial computer exercises to 
students at risk for failing the state's computer skills test." This 
is presumably a valued learning task in the state. Maybe they need to 
promote math and reading remedial activities on the computers as 
well. See, it all comes back to purpose and curriculum.


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