[LINK] Senator Kate Lundy's Government 2.0 briefing paper

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Tom Worthington wrote:
> At 12:17 PM 22/07/2009, Brenda Aynsley wrote:
>> ... forgive my ignorance stil but what's a government 2.0 ? ...
> As per the draft paper, government 2.0 is about applying Web 2.0 
> technologies and online community approaches for government 
> <http://wiki.katelundy.com.au/PublicSphere2#head-5b296a266bb64bb17c4399630120c380c2e21563>.
> The idea is to make government more open with blogs, wikis and 
> instant messaging.
> Unfortunately there is little sign of more open government, with the 
> Federal Government asking the opposition for $24,000 to decide if 
> they can see the original  National Broadband Network proposal: 
> <http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/312194/gov_t_wants_24k_access_nbn_documents>. 
> Clearly it doesn't cost tend of thousands of dollars to access 
> information, even with the most inefficient of information systems 
> and this is an attempt to prevent public access to information. 
> Perhaps whoever made this decision should be charged with attempting 
> to obtain money by deception. ;-)

Over in the US, at the office of technology policy...
> The Declassification Policy Forum has been an unprecedented opportunity for the public to provide recommendations for revisions to Executive Order 12958, as amended, “Classified National Security Information.”  We welcome your comments on all four topics (Declassification Policy, Creating a National Declassification Center, Classification Policy, and Technology Challenges and Opportunities) until Sunday, July 19, 2009.  The Public Interest Declassification Board will use your comments in formulating their recommendations to the National Security Advisor the week of July 20, 2009.  This letter will be made available on the Declassification Policy Forum. 

In Australia...this doesn't seem to have quite the same tone....

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