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David Boxall wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jul 2009 at 17:15:39 +0800 Crispin Harris wrote:
>> ... I think that this is more of an education/coping-skills exercise
>> in most cases. Specifically the skill/knowledge to walk away from an online
>> conversation that is getting nasty.
>> And all of us know how hard THAT can be - even with the wisdom and
>> experience of our years.
>> ...
> True, but there's a lesson to be taught on the other side: how serious 
> an offence bullying can be. As it stands, the guilty rarely feel that way.
> For mine, driving someone to suicide is potentially manslaughter, if not 
> murder. With the usual caveats about youthful inexperience, the 
> punishment should fit the crime. Not all of the bullies have youth as an 
> excuse: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_of_Megan_Meier>.

One thing, that should discourage bullying on the Internet is that it leaves a

> But an email sent by Di Fingleton on September 18 allegedly took the matter beyond mere office politics. The Chief Magistrate wrote to Magistrate Basil Gribbin, complaining about his decision to give evidence in a legal dispute over the transfer of another Magistrate to Townsville.
> "While constructive criticism will always be appreciated," the email said, "there must be to loyalty to the Chief Magistrate. In the circumstances, I ask you to show cause within seven days as to why you should remain in the position."
> Last week, Queensland's Director of Public Prosecutions determined there was sufficient evidence to justify charging the Chief Magistrate with attempting to pervert the course of justice and threatening a witness. Acting on that determination, Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission today announced it had served Di Fingleton with a summons in relation to two breaches of the criminal code.
> In a separate development, it was also revealed this week that the Crime and Misconduct Commission is investigating a case of a Magistrate who allegedly exposed himself to a female employee two years ago.

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