[LINK] DNS outage?

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> Stilgherrian wrote:
> > "The Internet" isn't one thing that's of equal reliability or
> > redundancy. It's a patchwork of many, many disparate networks held  
> > together with string and Blu-Tak. It's a wonder the damn 
> thing works  
> > at all.
> >   
> Not really a wonder - it works because the initial 
> assumptions were so 
> pessimistic that string and Blu-Tak forms a good enough 
> foundation. The 'founding fathers' started with the 
> assumption that the underlying 
> networks were unreliable, and would spontaneously drop, 
> re-order, delay 
> and duplicate packets, and designed the protocols accordingly to 
> tolerate and work (almost) regardless.
> Unfortunately it is a different design assumption that is 
> biting us now. 
> An initial assumption that the primary goal was to get the 
> information 
> delivered irrespective of time - within seconds/minutes/hours/days 
> didn't matter, as long as it got through. With the rise of 
> audio/video 
> streaming and other real-time requirements, today timeliness 
> matters also.

But what would happen to BGP if all A-J servers were replicated in Oz
and some providers insisted on hard-coding AS based BGP advertisements.

Wouldn't that present flapping as per this recent occurrence?

An interesting perspective for a Government determined to filter -
especially in island communities e.g.: Japan, Australia, NZ and UK. Viz:
"the creation of "safe and secure networks" for the public." from
Bernards story on Japan to build massive cloud infrastructure for

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