[LINK] DNS outage?

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jul 29 11:17:36 AEST 2009

Stilgherrian wrote:
> In an ideal world, what I reckon should happen then is tha fault  
> reports are passed along the chain. YOU shouldn't be troubleshooting  
> problems in someone else's network, THEY should be. Unless, perhaps,  
> if you peer with them, in which case the troubleshooting is a  
> collaborative thing.
Coming back to *my* original point ... My first instinct was curiousity, 
and my second merely trying to decide whether it was worth the pain of a 
call to the iiNet helpdesk. I wasn't trying to troubleshoot someone 
else's network, just working out whether *mine* needed troubleshooting.

If there was some more general outage, there wasn't much point in me 
making any calls ("did the bits move for you?" is a valid question). If 
there's a more general ISP-specific outage, probably ditto. If there's 
some weirdness purely in my network, then I find out by having people 
say "nothing wrong here", and I get fault-finding.

I see very strange things happening on home networks - I guess anyone 
fault-finding does. As a pertinent recent example: after a reboot, but 
*not* a factory reset, my wireless AP made some decisions without me - 
it wouldn't let the laptop login (using a saved profile previously 
working); but more importantly, it started arguing with the ADSL modem 
about who's allowed to issue addresses. The fault-finding wasn't easy, 
only because the cause was so unexpected; and in the meantime, the 
behaviours looked for all the world like something happening at or 
beyond the ISP.

> Of course this is not an ideal world, but a cheap-as world, so unless  
> there's some glaring problem that makes it obvious there's a problem  
> in a particular supplier's own network, they shrug their shoulders and  
> ignore it.
> Of course, how much network engineering and troubleshooting do people  
> expect to get for $29.95 a month? ;)
> I come back to my original point, too. If the fault ends up being in a  
> remote network, what are you actually going to DO with this information?
> Stil

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