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> Enabling musicians to sell their music
> Let us say that 35,000 CDs have been released every year since 1980,  
> and will continue to be released.
> Let us also say that a CD can generally be represented as a 100MiB  
> MP3 file at an acceptable bit rate.
> From the ‘back of envelope’ table below we can estimate that the  
> cost of storing all the CDs ever released on a hard disk drive will  
> fall to about $100 in 2015.
> I suggest that the next file sharing application won’t be one that  
> lets people pick and choose which CDs to share or audition. It will  
> simply replicate and distribute EVERYTHING.
> There won’t even be any point in deleting all the CDs one doesn’t  
> like. The problem will be entirely one of deciding what the heck to  
> listen to.
> Even so, once we have discovered the musicians we like there will  
> still be the problem of how to persuade them to make more great  
> music. Even all the music ever released can pale next to one more  
> album from a favourite artist.


> You just have to bear in mind that it’s not about enabling CD  
> manufacturers to sell copies, but about enabling musicians to sell  
> their music to their audience – directly instead of via record  
> labels and CD manufacturers.
> When you’re selling music instead of digital copies you don’t  
> benefit from a monopoly; on the contrary, you want your music to  
> spread far and wide.


> Within a decade, those who don’t share published music will be seen  
> as a burden upon everyone else, akin to the way leechers are already  
> perceived today.

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