[LINK] Innovating to lower costs and carbon emissions with ICT

Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue Jun 2 07:48:00 EST 2009

I will be talking on "Innovating to lower costs and carbon emissions 
with ICT" at the Innovation ACT Seminar, 6pm, 3 June 2009 in the 
Finkel Lecture Theatre, John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU 
campus, Canberra: <http://www.tomw.net.au/technology/it/green_it_innovation/>

This is a free event sponsored by the Australian National University 
and the University of Canberra. For catering purposes please RSVP to 
InnovationACT at gmail.com

About the talk:

Innovation ACT promotes the learning and understanding necessary for 
the development and commercialisation of a viable product. One area 
entrepreneurs can seek to commercialise are socially and 
environmentally sustainable business practices. An example of this 
are new methods, ideas and products which can reduce carbon emissions 
by the use of computers and telecommunications (ICT).

     The generally accepted figure is that ICT contributes 2% of 
carbon emissions, but could achieve a 15% reduction in overall 
emissions by 2020. The ANU will be teaching Masters students how to 
do this from July 2009, in the course COMP7310: Green ICT Strategies 
Students can do the course from anywhere in the world, via the web.

About Innovation ACT: <http://www.anu.edu.au/InnovationACT/about.html>

     All University staff and students are invited to attend seminars 
on commercialisation and business planning given by invited speakers 
from the business community in the ACT and NSW.

     We encourage all everyone to come along to learn about all 
aspects of business and commercialisation.

     Participating teams are required to register and are assigned a 
business leader as a mentor. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged 
and a team formation evening - in the form of a speed dating evening 
will be held. So come along and find a team to offer your services to.

     Each team will produce an executive summary and a professional 
business plan under the guidance of their mentor and will submit this 
to be judged. Two opportunities are also given to present their ideas 
in the form of an elevator pitch, where the teams are given a few 
minutes to pitch their idea, and a longer presentation prior to 
awards being given.

     All aspects of commericalisation and business planning will be 
covered during the program. Seminars will be provided on the following topics:
     - Introduction to Innovation
     - Intellectual Property
     - Product Definition
     - Market Sizing and Validation
     - Taxation and Company Structures
     - Financials and Resources
     - Environmental and Social Sustainability
     - Business plan writing and presentation

     Additionally, web based resources will be provided throughout 
the program.

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