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On 02/06/2009, at 8:54 AM, Ivan Trundle wrote:
> Stil, you might be too old to be able to discern the difference  
> between a bitrate of 96 kbps and 320 kbps, but I most certainly can,  
> and the pleasure that I gain from listening to the higher bitrate is  
> the difference between enjoying a fine wine vs a drop from chateau  
> cardboard.
> Mock me for being an 'audiophile' if you wish, but that's your  
> prerogative.

As it happens, I've been lucky and my hearing stays good (so far).  
However, and this is WAY off topic, I've found that I now listen to  
very little music, finding it to be a rather passive and isolating  
experience. I much prefer to hear the actual sounds of the world  
happening around me.

Having a soundtrack to my life, and one which becomes even more  
isolationist when delivered through headphones or earbuds -- anyone  
want a barely-used iPod? -- seems to me like smothering the richly  
glorious scents of the world, "good" and "bad", with a cheap room  
deodoriser. Or even an expensive one.

Chanel Number 5 is really just high-bitrate Glen 20.

And this is from me, someone who used to produce and broadcast music  
for a living.

There's probably some deep psychology at work there...

Oh, and you get to mock me back, too.


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