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Chris Gilbey chris at perceptric.com
Tue Jun 2 13:07:22 EST 2009

...continuing this thread....

I remember doing some remixing in the A&M studio in LA too many years ago :)

I got talking to the A&M mastering engineer who had wandered into the
studio. He was a crusty old guy who had assisted Philips and Sony establish
the specs for the CD some years previously...

He liked the sounds of the mix that I was doing and started telling me about
the frequency quality sacrifices made to get the bill of materials down to a
reasonable level in the CD and why vinyl was the only way to go...

Now we have gone straight past MP3¹s and YouTube is the wireless for the
current youth generation.

What is interesting is that the more digital we get, the more quality is
sacrificed, for the most part. We don¹t need to do it for technology¹s sake,
rather because corporations are trying to keep costs down and margins up.

I am with Stil on this: I also used to produce records and was in the music
biz. I now really appreciate the dynamic sound range between silence, bird
calls, cows, rain, wind....

Obviously I made a tree change! Amazing what you hear when you aren¹t
surrounded by industrial/electrical/traffic noise all day.



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