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Tue Jun 2 17:23:23 EST 2009

On another task, I was doing a search for 'computer' in the NEWS section
of Google and extending the date range back to 1000AD to research the
early mentions of the beast.

Apart from the annoying multiple listings presented through the centuries
that relate PDF's of newspapers only because the search picks up a note
about computers and OCR being used to transcribe the words, one does come
across some gems.

Like the following article in the Age, 13th June 1942, about the only
woman computer, with particularly reliable skills in wind analysis:


You also get a bunch of stuff from transcription/OCR errors, such as when
I searched for 'internet' and found an article "Death and Internment of
Mr. T. G. Booth" from The New York Times, 23rd August 1855. Spot the
position of the ink smudge...  In fact, lots of mentions in 1980's
newspapers I came across turned out to be mis-readings of words like
internment, implement and internal, as well as the abbreviation Intern'l
for International.

Finally, a piece from the Seattle Times, 1993. Plus ca change, plus c'est
le meme chose...


Playing At A Pc Near You: The Internet -- Information Highway Links
Millions Worldwide

By Charles A. Radin
Boston Globe

During the vice presidential campaign, and for years before in the Senate,
Gore advocated development of a system so vast that every home and school
in America would be tied through fiber optic cables capable of handling
large amounts of data and video images.



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