[LINK] How can analogue be better?

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Wed Jun 3 04:44:16 EST 2009

At 18:03 02/06/2009, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>And, gasp, maybe even better than silence :) a les paul quietly played
>well through an old tube-marshall, with the tone of warm creamy coffee

I don't like warm creamy coffee, but oh yum!  You know Mackie and a 
few others do some awesome tubes today!  Fidelity has bee reborn :)

>The debate can get quite heated - and not a little confusing - because
>the performance of an amplifier depends as much on the details of its
>circuit design as on its principal active devices (tubes or transistors).

Macs and PCs, Linux Windows or OSX.

Tubes v Transistors, depends on what you are trying to achieve.

It's not a debate, its a design :)

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